Q: Do wraps damage paint?​

A: No. Wraps are made by quality manufacturers like Alron and 3M. In our experience, wraps are completely harmless to vehicle paint. However, if the paint is not in good condition (if it's peeling, cracking, fading, oxidizing, is poorly applied, is not a quality automotive paint, etc.) then the wrap might not stick very well and it will not last for very long. In such cases when the paint is in poor condition, the vinyl peels off, and it peels the paint beneath it.


Q: Can the driver side and passenger windows be wrapped?​

A: No. DOT laws do not allow us to wrap these windows.


Q: What is a vehicle wrap?

A: A vehicle wrap is a thin vinyl film that adheres directly to a vehicle, very much like a sticker. This thin vinyl film conforms to the shape of the vehicle and is usually digitally printed with colorful graphics for advertising. When looked upon from a distance, a neat vehicle wrap gives the appearance of a quality custom paint job. The advantage is that vehicle wraps are a lot less expensive than custom jobs and can be removed very easily without damaging a vehicle surfaces.


Q: How do I get started?​

A: A typical Vehicle Wrap involves the following steps:

  1. Call or Email our Office: We need information about your vehicle and a rough idea of the design you are looking for.
  2. Design Creation and Approval: Once you accept the quote and a down payment has been received, we create a design for your wrap. If you already have a vehicle wrap design then this step is eliminated. After the design is created a proof is submitted and upon approval the design is sent for digital printing and laminating.
  3. Installation Scheduling: While the wrap is in production, an installation is scheduled for your vehicle.
  4. Installation: Finally, on the day of installation, the Vehicle Wrap is installed on your vehicle and you are ready to drive your mobile advertisement everywhere you go.

** Please note that it is important to do a good car wash your vehicle before the installation day so that it is clean from road grime and dirt. Moreover, your vehicle must not be waxed. Wax creates adhesion problem and therefore vehicle wraps peel off when applied to waxed vehicles. Wax must be completely removed from a vehicle before installation. **


Q: Can you apply Vehicle Wraps to vehicles besides cars?​

A: Sure! We can wrap boats, box trucks, SUVS, trailers, vans and any other imaginable vehicle that moves on earth or above the sea.​


Q: Can you see through the windows after the Vehicle Wrap is applied?

A: Yes. Perforated vinyl films called window perforations (or "window perfs") have little holes in them and allow you to see outside from your car or truck windows. The window perforations can be applied on your back and rear windows on the sides.


Q: How expensive are vehicle graphics?​

A: The price of a vehicle wrap depends on many different factors. Call or email us today to get a quote that's specific to your project specification.


Q: Can unpainted vehicle surfaces like plastic parts and fiberglass bumpers be wrapped?​

A: Unpainted vehicle surfaces can be wrapped however it is not recommended. Vinyl adhesives do not stick very well to unpainted surface and so there is always a chance that the wrap will peel off from these areas.


Q: How soon can I get my vehicle wrapped by Tidalwave Graphics? How long will the project take?​

A: By calling or emailing Tidalwave Graphics we will discuss what your project needs. After determining your needs, we will be able to help you to determine the exact timeline for your project.


Q: Can parts of a Vehicle Wrap be changed to reflect a new phone number or a new address?​

A: Yes. If you happen to move and need to change your phone number, website address, or any other information on the wrap, a portion of the Vehicle Wrap can be reprinted with the new information and applied to your vehicle.​


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Q: How durable are Tidalwave Graphics vehicle graphics?​

A: Our company uses high-quality products and techniques that are specifically tailored for your needs. We use an imaging process to ensure durability, attractiveness and consistency. Our product produces brilliant, full color images on adhesive vinyl. This high-performance material is extremely versatile, built to withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors, and conforms to any surface contour. Additionally, our product is backed by a quality guarantee.


Q: How can I get more information?​

A: Call or email Tidalwave Graphics today and we will be able to give you all the additional information you need about how vehicle graphics can work for you.


Q: How is a Vehicle Wrap better than a custom paint job?​

A: A Vehicle Wrap is better than a paint job in many ways. The biggest advantages are cost savings, speed of production, removability, and better book value for your vehicle.

  1. Vehicle wraps cost a lot less than a custom paint job. Even better, it is a lot easier and faster to produce complex designs. A quality wrap can be designed and applied in less than 2 weeks. Sometimes a Vehicle Wrap can be completed in just a couple of days.
  2. Vehicle Wraps can be removed easily, without damaging the paint beneath it. Compare against the time and cost of removing a custom paint job.
  3. Lastly, Vehicle Wraps protect the paint from fading. This may result in an increased value for your vehicle when you are ready to sell your car or truck.